My name is Hazel Whatley and I started Rheign in 2012.  I wanted to create garments for women that they could wear whenever, wherever, that made them feel great and in bold yet wearable colours.

I gave up my full time job, gulp, and embarked on a new venture.  I originally designed a single half zip top, offering it in four colourways and since then we have kept this design along with new pieces to expand the range.


I love the creativity of being able to design garments and can pull together any colour combinations and styles – the advantage of being your own boss!  However, of course with running a business comes all the other stresses and strains but when I see the final designs it truly is exciting and makes it all worth while.

I put careful time and planning into each piece to ensure it will meet the needs of the wearer and that it can be worn across a variety of sports as well as during casual life, giving the garments more value to the individual.

Rheign is fuelled by a passion for design, creativity and quality. By offering a smaller range it ensures each element can be carefully developed.

The Name
I get asked all the time what the name Rheign (pronounced rain/reign) means.  In truth, when deciding on a name for the brand I knew I wanted the word to be our main logo and therefore I needed to like the shape and sound of the letters.  There were lots of other names thrown about but in the end Rheign came out on top.  It’s odd enough that people ask about it but still sounds good.  I like the fact the word is ambiguous as the brand is just that.  Rheign doesn’t fit into one category but that’s what our customers love.  They can wear the clothing anywhere and feel good in it.

For more information about our products or if you have any questions please CONTACT US.